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A Wolfdog

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Published: 4 years ago

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The evolution of dogs and wolves and their resultant behavior is a fascinating subject well worth exploring. Further reading will not only lead you to a deeper understanding of the issues raised in this booklet, but also increase your appreciation and enjoyment of that unique and wonderful animal with which so many of us are privileged to share our homes and lives: the dog.


Very well done. Educated me and my wolf-dog. Now I learned the safety I will probably stick to the average dog other humans have in there yard/house.


I really found this trustworthy, specific, factual and a great learning opportunity. I thank the Author who made this book and free-ebooks for allowing me to discover and read. Right now being an author I am studying dogs and making a encyclopedia of dogs and a guide to dogs book, this really helped me alot! THANK YOU!-DooleyDog-

Arthur Suter

Good common sense, it is very traumatic to have your friend "put down".


VinJas Pet Supplies

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