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A UFO Love Story

Chapter 4. Pg. 58
Chapter 5. Pg. 73
Chapter 6. Pg. 87
Chapter 7. Pg. 113
Chapter 8. Pg. 128
Chapter 9. Pg. 142
Chapter 10. Pg. 168
Chapter 11. Pg. 191
Chapter 12. Pg. 211
Chapter 13. Pg. 235
Chapter 14. Pg. 255
Chapter 15. Pg. 278
Chapter 16. Pg. 307
Chapter 17. Pg. 326
Chapter 18. Pg. 344
Chapter 19. Pg. 362
Chapter 20. Pg. 378
First things first. This is mainly a love story. You may wonder if this story is
true or not. But it doesn‟t matter. Besides, I would by far prefer that people think
for themselves. Hopefully, whatever you think, you will excuse me for writing as
though it is a true story. Now to know the mind of a person who was homeless
may not be pleasant at times. But with things going on like overpopulation, war
and human caused global warming, you will likely at times find the revelations of