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A UFO Love Story

First things first. This is mainly a love story. You may wonder if this story
is true or not. But it doesn’t matter. Besides, I would by far prefer that
people think for themselves. Hopefully, whatever you think, you will
excuse me for writing as though it is a true story. Now to know the mind of
a person who was homeless may not be pleasant at times. But with things
going on like overpopulation, war and human caused global warming, you
will likely at times find the revelations of the aliens I met to be equally
unpleasant. But you couldn’t expect aliens to think like humans on every
subject. Though one of the reasons I wrote this book is to allow you to
learn of a love that, for various reasons, any human love can only be a pale
imitation of. At times, I will be telling you about certain events that I wasn’t
privy to at the time, but found out about later on. I included them in the
story to help the narrative. Another thing is that I found out using my
grammar check program that my grammar isn’t quite what it is supposed to
be. But I don’t like sounding like I had a rod stuck up my butt. So I pretty
much wrote the way I am comfortable with. Unfortunately, for those who
may not like my grammar, the alien who abducted me wasn’t interested in
grabbing somebody who was mired in the status quo bullshit. Which far
too often is included in getting a “good” education.