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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

A Knight from Dein

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Published: 1 year ago

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Author: Peter R. Stone

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A 521 page epic fantasy adventure. Sir Carl Hard court, a merchant-knight from Dein, must make a difficult decision. Will he fulfill his obligation to build his father's commercial empire and forsake his chance for courtly love? Or will he heard the call of chivalry and offer his sword to the King of Tenham, who is making a brave yet futile stand against the invincible hordes of gray-skinned, humanoid amalehqs, lead by their brutal king? The Tenhamese Prince Terrance Whitgrave is headstrong and impetuous, but will face betrayal, terror, and dishonor beyond his comprehension. Can honor, once lost, be regained?

Robert White

I enjoyed it greatly both the setting and the morality of the story were well developed and worth the read

David Ramsey

I totally enjoyed this adventure that Peter Stone took me on. It was thrilling, exciting and involving. The characters, both "good" and "bad" as well as main and support, were developed enough to become real and not be accused of being stereo-types. The pace was never slow or boring, the world setting was well developed and together with the romance gave me an excellent holiday. The grammar and spelling do need to be improved, but did not become a barrier to enjoying the story. Just as J.R.R. Tolkein and C. S. Lewis became famous for the stories that they told, so I wish Peter the same success as those followers of Jesus Christ.


This is just another Lord of the Rings inspired with the same elves, dwarves, orcs(in this case amelaughs), only a lot worse and with some biblical shit thrown in. It has no drama, boring dialog and the same "journey across the land to fins the bla-bla-bla" plot. writers should really learn to "WRITE SOMETHING NEW!"

Jason Tate

This book should come with a disclaimer. Warning, Christian proselytization ahead. Standard fantasy shtick for the first 350 or so pages, then thick with biblical references. I almost dropped it a half dozen times. I don’t expect to be churched up while reading Elves of Shannara…..

Bellinda Smith

Loved this book! The quality is worth paying for. Cant wait to read more from this author.

Michele Shields

An incredibly well written story. A broad canvas of totaly believable and engaging characters playing on a large field of beautifully described lands and places. A wonderful love and adventure that locks you in from the beginning, and never lets you go until the last page. Peter R Store is a gifted storytelle and this is bestseller quality material. The author at times is moving so fast with the flow of his story that he could use the help of an editor to fill the very occasional missing words. A joy to read. I very much encourage Peter R Stone to keep on writing......and as soon as possible as I will be waiting for a sequel to this story, and will enjoy reading any other novels from this author.


A compelling and engaging story. Great for decompressing after a crazy day.


Good story, nice philosophy of the book, action, but sometimes need improvement of writing skills.

Lois Sxm

gets increasingly exciting as the story progresses. well-written


Peter R. Stone

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