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A King and No King

Act I
Enter Mardonius and Bessus, Two Captains.
Bessus, the King has made a fair hand on't, he has ended the
Wars at a blow, would my sword had a close basket hilt to hold
Wine, and the blade would make knives, for we shall have nothing
but eating and drinking.
We that are Commanders shall do well enough.
Faith Bessus, such Commanders as thou may; I had as lieve set thee Perdue
for a pudding i'th' dark, as Alexander the Great.
I love these jests exceedingly.
I think thou lov'st 'em better than quarrelling Bessus, I'le say so much i'thy
behalf, and yet thou 'rt valiant enough upon a retreat, I think thou wouldst kill any
man that stopt thee if thou couldst.
But was not this a brave Combate Mardonius?
Why, didst thou see't?