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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

A Journey in Other Worlds

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: J. J. Astor

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The way to accomplish this is to increase the weight of the pole leaving the sun, by increasing the amount of material there for the sun to attract, and to lighten the pole approaching or turning towards the sun, by removing some heavy substance from it, and putting it preferably at the opposite pole.

Robert White

Very dated in its technology. Interesting in its way but if looking for futuristic adventure you may be dissappointed.


A wonderful read...very penetrating in its foresight as the writer obviously looks for the best in mankind to come into it's own.


reading a old book now by van gout and is simulare in the magnetic fields of space and time . as a means of travel.


i like this story


It may remind the reader of something written a century ago, probably because it was.


The author of this work is either a non-native English speaker or he has never troubled himself to read his own writing aloud. There are some very odd sentences here. The prose reminds me of something written a century ago.

Hari Govind

its amazing


J. J. Astor

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