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A House of Haunted People

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Alan Combes

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The title story, itself a novella about a strange house in my village, leads into a collection of modern ghost stories in unusual, often cosmopolitan settings. 'Mia' is about putting down a much-loved dog. 'Going to the match' is about a supernatural presence amid the crowd. 'The make of sticks' concerns a mysterious character who is mistaken for a good Samaritan. 'Overcoat' tells of a haunted garment. 'Dr Singh' is the worst kind of doctor; one who ignores his patients' pain. 'Ginny Spring' tells of a mysterious local pond...


it was intresting to read


The House story reads like a creative writing effort, more like an outline of a novel than a good short story. It has good bones but not nearly enough flesh and the writer seems to be affecting English accents. I skimmed it and wanted it to be more interesting.

Monique Chase

I liked the journey I went on with this book

erica nicholson

well written and enjoyable


Interesting short stories particularly liked the one about Mia


Interesting book; unique and good read


Pretty good, clever ideas. Felt like each story could have ended better though. Loved the build-up and was "creeped-out" for each story, but there was no finality, or solid statement at the end that made my hair stand on end. The story was just over.The concepts were interesting enough to be enjoyable though. Title story was a brilliant idea.


A bit confusing. Should have kept to the first story about the house. Rest of the stories were ok though.


thanx for the history

Teresa Freeman

Sometimes it was hard to follow but I think how itdownloaded didnt help. It kept my interest though and I would read more from the author of the book. The stories were very good.

Janet Norman

interesting group of short stories!


Alan Combes

Married with one lawyer daughter. Live in a beautiful house by a waterfall. Used to be a marathon runner but a hospital bug has wrecked my back so now I cycle. Just completed work on a 53,000 word book about being a teacher.

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