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A Growing Opposition to the Doctrine of Hell

By William West
Table of Contents
A growing opposition to the doctrine of Hell in the church of
THE VANISHING HELL from the preaching in many churches.
THE VANISHING HELL from many translations of the Bible.
Twenty-four versions of Hell.
How Hell was put into the Bible.
The results of attributing evil pagan teachings to God by
religious people..
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A growing opposition to the doctrine of Hell
In the church of Christ.
Perhaps unknown to many members of the church of Christ,
there is a growing opposition to the doctrine of Hell which has
been taught from it’s pulpits for many years. Most of it’s
preachers who do come out against it just say nothing about it.
1. HOMER HAILEY: “God’s Judgments and Punishments” 2003,
Nevada Publications. Hailey was a teacher at Abilene Christian
College, Florida College where he was dean of Bible for many
years. He is the anther of many books and articles; some were
in the “Gospel Guardian,” now “Truth Magazine,” and “Bible
Banner.” He was one of the best know and most loved preacher
and teachers in the church of Christ. I do not think it is now in
print. (Church of Christ).