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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

But Horace couldn’t stop it. The table groaned and creaked and thumped its
wooden feet in protest. When one of its legs gave way, that was the last straw. The
table keeled right over with a crash.
Horace slid off in an avalanche of paper. Pens rained down upon his head.
“Now look what you’ve done!” yelled Josh.
Horace could not move. He lay stunned and shaken on the floor.
Then, as he weakly raised his head, he saw something that stunned and shook him
even more.
He was lying on a page torn from a magazine – and it showed a picture of a car.
Not just any old car. This was the most beautiful, the smoothest, the sleekest car
that he had ever seen. Horace loved all cars, but this one beat the lot. It was like a
gleaming golden arrowhead.
Horace’s mouth fell open. Sprawling on the floor, he began to drool over the
picture with his tongue hanging out. The bag of dog food fell from his jaws and
spilled pellets everywhere.
“Oh my oh my oh my!” he yelped ecstatically.
“Get off my things!” wailed Josh. “You’ve made a terrible mess!” He tried to haul
Horace away: but Horace was transfixed.
He could not drag his gaze away from that amazing golden car. He began to moan
with longing.
Mum !” yelled Josh. “Horace is being weird!”
Mrs Hay came bustling into the kitchen. “What’s that dreadful noise?”
“It’s Horace. He’s ruined my competition entry!”
“He’s ruining my kitchen floor,” scolded Mrs Hay. “What competition is that?”
“In the magazine,” said Josh. “I’m trying to win a Golden Arrow car like the one
in the picture. That’s the first prize.”
“Golden Arrow? Oh, yes! Oh, yes! I want one!” Horace whined.
“But now that stupid dog has trampled all over my entry!” cried Josh. “He’s
covered it in paw prints!”
“How do you enter this competition?” asked Mrs Hay.
“You have to design a car that runs on alternative energy. You can draw one, or
make one. I’m trying to draw a solar-powered car, only Horace keeps getting in the