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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Kimi nudged Horace. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”
“What? I can’t!”
“Why not?”
“I haven’t won the race yet,” protested Horace. “I still have to drive twice round
the supermarket to win!”
“Oh, for goodness sake!” said Kimi. “Well, do it quickly. No, no! On second
thoughts, do it very, very slowly.”
So Horace climbed back onto the Houndmobile. Boo perched on his shoulder and
waved to the crowd of dogs as Horace began, very slowly, very carefully, to drive.
With Justine so close by, he dared not go at more than three miles an hour.
The Houndmobile crawled around the supermarket like an exhausted snail.
Ragbag and Silverside ran ahead, and then had to stop and sit down while Horace
caught them up.
Justine paused in lecturing the cats to watch.
“Very good,” she said approvingly. “At least someone here knows how to drive
Horace blushed with pride as he began his second circuit. The dogs began to howl
“We are the Champions.”
Eventually, he reached the finishing line to a huge barrage of barks and cheers.
“We’ve done it!” declared Horace, as Silverside brought down the chequered flag.
“I knew we could! Driving Dogs forever!”
“And High-speed Hamsters!” added Tickety.
“Lap of honour! Go, Horace, go!” yelled Boo.
So with all the dogs cheering him on, and the cats yowling in disgust, Horace
proudly began a very slow, sedate and sluggish lap of honour in the Sensational
Staggering Houndmobile.
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