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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Chapter Nine
Justine marched over and stood, legs firmly apart, in front of the waiting racers.
“You’re under arrest, the lot of you!” she barked. “I’m booking you for speeding,
driving without due care and attention, not possessing a licence and taking cars
without consent! You’re coming down to the police station right now!”
“Oh no, we’re not,” snarled the cats.
And without warning, the red Siren Sprinter took off like a rocket. It charged
straight at Justine.
The police dog hurled herself to one side and rolled across the tarmac. The sports
car missed her by a whisker.
“Go, Horace, go now!” shouted Tickety. “Don’t get left behind!”
Horace didn’t get the chance to finish. Boo had already jumped on the accelerator.
The lawnmower trundled sedately after the Sprinter.
“Faster! Faster!” cried Tickety.
“Faster!” growled all the dogs, making engine noises as loudly as they could.
“It’s working!” said Horace.
Certainly, without the doghouse on top of it, the lawnmower was faster than it had
ever been. But it was still not fast enough. The Sprinter was pulling away from them,
further and further...
And then it wasn’t.
It was slowing down. It wasn’t smoking this time, or leaking oil, or making
grinding noises – but it was definitely slowing down.
And then it stopped altogether.
“Overtake! Overtake!” screamed Tickety, jumping up and down.
Horace pulled alongside the Sprinter. “What are those things attached to its back
bumper?” he wondered. “They look a bit like–”
The Sprinter moved again.
It did not go forwards this time. It went backwards. It hurtled like a bullet in