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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

going, what with the door of the dog-house being rather narrow, and Joshua’s goggles
being a little small for him.
He dismissed these minor worries. Those cats were in for a big surprise!
Sure enough, when the Houndmobile chugged into the car park, t he crowd of cats
arrayed along the wall all stared in disbelief.
Their jaws dropped: their necks craned; their eyes popped.
And then they broke into the most hideous caterwauling Horace had ever heard.
“They must be scared stiff of us!” he decided.
Two cats pointed trembling paws at the Houndmobile and then fell off the wall
“They’re terrified! They’re shaking at the sight of us!” said Horace joyfully.
“Actually,” said Tickety, “they’re– oh, never mind. Where’s the starting line?”
The starting line was a row of bollards. A crowd of dogs had gathered there to
watch from a gallery of shopping trolleys, well away from the hateful cats.
Thirty eager tongues hung out at the sight of the Houndmobile. The dogs drooled.
“Great lightning stripes!” they barked.
“Mega tail-fins!”
“Love the goggles, dude!”
“Way to go! Let’s show those cats who’s boss!”
With some difficulty, Horace lined the lawnmower up by the bollards.
“Who are we racing against?”
No sooner had the words left his mouth than the answer came.
With a roar far louder than any that Silverside could produce, a black Siren
Sprinter rolled into the car park. It was as sleek as a shadow. The black cat, wearing
sunglasses, lounged in the driver’s seat.
From the audience of cats came a cheer.
“Pibbles!” they yelled. “Go, Pibbles!”
Pibbles pushed his sunglasses up and stretched. “Ready to roll, mutt? Two circuits
of the supermarket. Marmaduke there will drop the flag on the count of three.”
Horace adjusted his goggles and fixed his eyes on the ginger cat holding the flag.
“Get ready to growl for all you’re worth, Silverside,” he muttered. “One, two–”
There was a black blur beside him as the Siren took off.
“You didn’t wait for three!” yelled Horace.