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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

The evening of the cats’ challenge arrived. Horace lay in the garden, as tense as one
of Boo’s bungee ropes, waiting for the household to go to bed. Luckily, nobody had
yet noticed that his doghouse was missing.
Soon after the last light went out upstairs, scuffling sounds came from the wall
under the window. There were whispers from the drain outlet.
“Stop pushing!”
“I’m not pushing! I’m pulling!”
Tickety and Boo emerged. Boo was dragging a long trail of bungee ropes, while
Tickety held a pair of Joshua’s swimming goggles.
“If you haven’t got a racing helmet, you should at least wear goggles,” she told
“Okey-doke.” Horace strapped them on over his nose. “Right. Let’s head for the
The hamsters hitched a lift on Horace’s back as he trotted off. First he went next
door, putting his paws up on the windowsill to look for K imi.
There was no sign of movement in her tank.
“She must be asleep under the sawdust,” said Tickety. Horace tapped on the
window, but nothing stirred.
“How can she sleep?” cried Boo. “I’m so excited, I’ve not been able to sleep all
“Never mind. We don’t need her,” said Horace, although he was disappointed. He
had hoped K imi would come to cheer him on as he won the race.
When they reached the Houndmobile, the other dogs were already waiting eagerly
for him. Horace leapt up into the dog- house and started the engine.
“Come on, Silverside! Engine noises,” he said.
“Sorry, I forgot.” Silverside began to growl.
“Not so loud,” advised Horace. “We don’t want to go too fast just yet.”
The Houndmobile set off slowly towards the supermarket.
The dog-house still wobbled on its perch on top of the lawnmower, despite being
tied on with Boo’s bungee ropes. And Horace found it quite hard to see where he was