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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Silverside nodded. “What your car needs is a wall to paint the name on. And it
needs a roof to keep you dry.”
“Oh, that’s just what it needs,” said Kimi.
“You think so?” Horace asked.
She rolled her eyes. “Why not just stick your dog-house on the top?”
“Wow!” Horace wagged his tail delightedly. “What a brilliant idea! Thank you!
I’ll go and fetch my dog-house right this minute. Silverside, you’re strong: you come
and help.”
So the two dogs trotted off to the Hays’ house and through the side gate into the
“There it is,” said Horace.
“Nice dog-house,” said Silverside, scratching his ear, “but how are we going to
get it back across town?”
“I’ve already thought of that!” Horace ran to the porch and came back with
Joshua’s skateboard. “Help me lift the dog-house onto this,” he panted.
The dog-house was not fixed to the ground. Between them, they were able to lift it
up and balance it, rather precariously, on the skateboard.
“You’d better walk on one side,” suggested Horace, “and I’ll walk on the other.”
In this way, with one dog leaning on each side, they kept the dog-house upright on
the skateboard as they rolled it along. People stopped and pointed, smiling at the sight
of a dog- house trundling through the streets.
“They’re admiring it,” said Horace proudly. “This is going to look so good on top
of the lawnmower! Really amazing and – uh-oh!”
Across the road, a large dog turned its grizzled head towards them. Justine...
“Keep going,” Horace muttered to Silverside.
But the police dog had already spotted them. She walked stiffly across the road
and blocked their way.
“Where are you going with that?” she demanded.
“It’s mine,” Horace said with dignity. “I’m not stealing it. Look, it’s got my name
on it; that proves it.”
“So what are you doing with it?”
“I’m just, er, taking it for a walk,” said Horace.
“You’re taking your kennel for a walk?”
“We’re in a hurry,” barked Silverside. “We’re on an urgent mission. Let us pass!”