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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Paint,” said Horace.
They stood in the back yard of an empty house near the butcher’s shop. Silverside
had suggested it would be a good place to hide the lawnmower. There they could
work on it in the daytime, with no-one to disturb them.
“Paint,” repeated Tickety. Dipping the brush in a jar of silver paint, she handed it
to Horace.
Horace paused. “You’re sure your human won’t mind us painting his lawnmower,
“Of course not!” she barked. “He’ll have the most beautiful lawnmower in town.
And the fastest.”
Horace was convinced. Holding the brush in his mouth, he carefully painted a
silver zigzag along the lawnmower’s side. Boo bounced forward with a jar full of red
glitter and hurled it at the wet paint.
“That’s more like it,” he said with satisfaction. “Other side!”
Soon the whole lawnmower, including the tyres, was covered in glittery scarlet
and silver lightning-strokes.
“Now, how do we make tail-fins?” asked Horace.
“I thought we could paint these pizza cartons silver to match,” said Tickety, “and
then stick them to the grass box.”
The pizza cartons were duly painted and stuck on.
Horace stood back to admire his work. “Not bad... but I feel it’s missing
something,” he muttered.
“A 250 brake horsepower engine,” said Kimi.
“No, no. Something else.”
“A name!” said Tickety. “It needs a name written on the side! The Sensational
Staggering Houndmobile!
“Too long.”
“Just call it the Staggerer,” said Kimi.
Horace stared at his car, perplexed. “There’s nowhere left to paint a name. I don’t
want to spoil all the lightning flashes.”