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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Horace felt a shiver of anxiety. He had never driven that fast. Would he be able to
control the lawnmower at those speeds?
“I know what we should do,” squealed Boo. “We should sabotage them!”
“We should blow up those mangy cats and their stinky cars,” said Boo. “Or at the
very least we should bite their brake cables so that they all crash horribly.”
Tickety gave him a stern look. “Sometimes I wonder about you, dear little
brother,” she said. “We are not biting any brake cables. That would be very dangerous
“All right,” said Boo, unabashed. “We could put sugar in the petrol tanks.
Bananas in the exhaust. Glue in the engine.”
“Certainly not! That would be unsporting,” Horace said. “We’re going to win this
race fairly or not at all.”
“Well, in that case there can only be one victor,” yawned the snake.
Horace beamed. “That’s very supportive of you, Kimi!”
She smiled sweetly. “Not at all.”