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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Horace grabbed the biggest box that he could see, and ran for his life. He charged
down the aisle – pushed past the queue at the check-out – galloped for the exit – and
did a dummy swerve that sent the security guard diving the wrong way.
Then he was out! He was free! He’d done it!
Only then did he see a policewoman bearing down on him. And a very annoyed
German Shepherd dog...
“I see you! I’ll get you!” she barked.
Horace sprinted away across the car park with Justine in pursuit and the
chocolates in his jaws. They rattled around in the box as he ran.
But he was younger and faster than Justine. He was gaining ground, when
suddenly a man pushed a clump of empty shopping tro lleys right into his path.
There was no time to stop. Nowhere to go. He would have to jump over them.
Horace took a mighty leap.
He landed in the trolley at the front of the line. The trolley skidded across the car
park with Horace clinging to the sides. It rolled in front of a car; and the car swerved
into the path of a van.
The van beeped furiously and skidded into the bumper of another car. The other
car reversed and blocked three more.
Within half a minute, the car park was full of beeping, bumping cars with angry,
shouting owners. Sergeant Baines was trying to calm them down. Justine hurried to
her aid.
Meanwhile Horace’s trolley rolled to a standstill at the edge of the car park. With
a very battered chocolate box still gripped between his teeth, he leapt over the wall
and ran straight home.