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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

“You smell guilty,” she growled, her eyes narrowing. “So what’s going on?”
Just then there was a mighty screech of tyres. A sports car pulled up at the traffic
lights, and the window wound down. The driver and passengers wore hoodies, with
the hoods pulled right down to hide their faces.
But there was no concealing their smell.
“Cats!” gasped Horace, as a bone was flung from the window.
Then the car took off again, jumping the red lights.
“Bye-bye little doggies! See you next week!” screamed the cats: and they were
gone, leaving only tyre marks and a stench of burnt rubber.
Justine immediately sprang away, barking, and chased the car round the corner.
The other dogs looked at each other.
“Those cats are getting worse,” said Ragbag. “Driving in broad daylight!”
Little doggies indeed,” rumbled Silverside. “The cheek.”
“If they win the race, they’re going to be unbearable,” groaned Horace. “We’ve
got to beat them. Ragbag, take me to your lawnmower!”
“Yes sir! Come this way.”
Ragbag led the dogs through several streets and down a driveway, stopping by a
bulky shape covered with a blue tarpaulin.
“Here it is.” She pulled the tarpaulin away with her teeth.
“Wow!” said Horace, admiring the shiny sit-on lawnmower. “That is big.”
“Sixteen horsepower,” said Ragbag proudly. “And it’s got a huge grass bucket.”
“Forget the grass bucket. It’s got cruise control!” Horace breathed in deeply. What
a wonderful smell of glossy paint and petrol! He couldn’t wait to have a go on this
magical machine. “Where’s the key?”
“Look through the letterbox,” said Ragbag. “It’s inside that little cupboard on the
Horace nosed open the letterbox on the front door to take a look.
“No problem!” he said confidently. “My burglar will steal that in no time. I’ll be
back at midnight!”
He galloped home, full of eagerness, and banged on Kimi’s window.
Kimi frowned when he explained what he wanted her to do.
“Why should I steal that key for you?” she demanded. “I don’t believe you’ll ever
drive me to the desert. All you’re interested in is racing.”
“But we’ve got to beat those awful cats!” cried Horace.