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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

First, Horace piled bricks and stones onto the buggy. It was quite hard to keep
them in place.
Perhaps a roof would help. He laid short planks of wood on top of them for roof
beams, and covered them with the old tiles. All the best roofs had tiles.
Finally his car was built. Horace tied one end of the elastic round the buggy
“Not bad,” he said, before he realised that there was nowhere to sit inside his car.
It was a solid pile of bricks. He would have to sit on the roof.
But the roof was quite high. It was too high for him to jump on to, and he couldn’t
climb up on it without pulling the whole thing over.
“Hmm,” said Horace. After some thought, he scrambled up into the apple tree
overhead, and wriggled as far as he dared along the lowest branch.
Then, taking a deep breath, he dived.
He landed on his stomach of the roof of his new car. After nearly sliding straight
off again, he gradually got his balance.
“Excellent!” said Horace, sitting up on top of his new car.
“What’sss excccellent?” hissed a voice from a heap of dead leaves. K imi stuck her
striped head out. She stared at the car, before the rest of her followed.
“What in heaven’s name is that?” she demanded.
“My new car. What do you think?”
“I think it looks like a pile of bricks on top of an old buggy. It’ll never go.”
“Yes, it will!” barked Horace. “Just pull on that elastic, will you?”
“Pull on...?” Kimi looked incredulous. “You want me to pull that car? It must
weigh a ton. You’d need an elephant to shift it!”
“Oh! Really?” Horace drooped. “I never thought of that.”
“Elementary physics,” said Kimi. “Either an elephant, or an engine.”
“Please, Kimi! Won’t you help me make my car go? Then I can drive you to the
desert,” promised Horace. “You wanted to go there, after all.”
“We never found the desert last time,” grumbled Kimi. “You drove the wrong
way. Still... Hang on there a minute.” She took the loose end of the elastic in her
mouth and disappeared into the garden shed.
“I suppose I’d better start again,” sighed Horace. “I’ll just jump down.” Peering at
the ground, he wobbled dangerously. “Oh, help. I’m an awfully long way up! Kimi!