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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

“Vroom, vroom,” chanted Horace. He was back in the dog-house – but now he didn’t
Because now he had Hope. He had a Plan.
And he had seven metres of strong elastic which he had borrowed from Mrs Hay’s
It was plain that he couldn’t make a full- sized car out of construction bricks. None
the less, he was sure he would find a way to go at a hundred miles an hour.
“Vroom, vroom,” Horace growled as he pottered around the garden looking for
things he could use to build his car.
There were a few house bricks lying by the wall. He piled them, one by one,
behind the garden shed. He added some old roof tiles that had been dumped behind
the compost heap, and the biggest stones from the rockery that he could carry.
The shed door was open a crack. Horace pushed it wider until he could squeeze
This was more like it! He carried out several lengths of wood and added them to
his pile. There were some tools there which might come in handy too: hammers, saws
and screwdrivers.
But he still needed the most important thing of all. Wheels.
Remembering how he had trundled into the pond in the toddler’s toy pram,
Horace had another brainwave.
Hadn’t Mrs Hay stowed all Josh’s old baby things in here last year? He sniffed
carefully around the shed, hunting for a baby-Josh scent. Tracking it down, he
rummaged in the darkest, cobwebbiest corner.
There it was! His heart leapt like a happy grasshopper.
“Treasure!” he barked joyfully.
It was an old, rusty baby buggy. Horace blew the dust off it, along with a few
spiders. Then, taking the handle carefully in his teeth, he dragged it out to add to his
Now he had his wheels! It was time to build the car.