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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

With a huge effort, he managed to twist side ways in mid-air. He missed the
toddler by centimetres. Instead, he fell smack into her pram.
The pram began to roll. With Horace struggling to get out, it trundled slowly
down the slope into the pond. There it tipped over and deposited Horace into a family
of baffled ducks.
The ducks pecked him, screeching quacks of protest. The little girl began to cry.
Her mother began to shout.
Sergeant Baines came hurrying over. “Can’t you keep that dog under control?”
“Sorry,” groaned Josh. “Sorry. He’s usually better than this.”
“I should hope he is! Because at the moment he’s a walking disaster area!”
Horace shook off the ducks. He waded back to shore and sneezed. A slimy wreath
of duckweed had draped itself around his head, a slice of soggy bread stuck to his
back and a lily pad dangled from one ear.
“Get that dog on a lead!” commanded Sergeant Baines.
“He’s a scruffy scoundrel,” growled Justine. “I’ll be watching him.
Josh grabbed Horace’s collar. This time, there was no escape. As he was dragged
away, the police dog fixed him with a long, suspicious stare.
A dozen other doggy faces were watching too, with their mouths open. Horace
could not look at them for shame.
Under their astonished gaze, the champion driver, crowned with duckweed, hung
his head and dripped and drooped out of the park.