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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

“You’re not the only one in the dog-house now,” said Tickety, as she helped herself to
one of Horace’s dog-biscuits.
“It’s every dog in town!” cried Boo, tying a long piece of elastic to the red roof of
Horace’s kennel.
“People don’t believe the dogs taught themselves to drive,” explained Tickety.
“They don’t think dogs are clever enough.”
“Or hamsters,” said Boo. He tied the other end of the elastic to his ankle.
“They think a criminal gang has been teaching dogs tricks, to get them to steal
cars,” said Tickety. “It was on the news.”
“They said everyone must keep their dogs away from cars. Bungeee!”
Boo threw himself off the dog- house roof. There was a loud twang as the elastic
“Oh, no!” cried Horace, pulling Boo out of his water bowl. “How dreadful! If the
dogs aren’t allowed to drive, how can we beat the cats at their challenge?”
Tickety nodded. “They didn’t mention cats. Nobody will keep them away from
“Bet you I can hold my breath for three minutes,” announced Boo. “Stunt
hamsters rule!” He dived back into the water bowl.
Horace looked dolefully over at the garage where Mr Hay had locked the car. “Do
you suppose I could break in?”
“No,” said Tickety. “Mr Hay’s just bought a new padlock for the garage door. So
have half the people on the street. And any car that isn’t in a garage is bristling with
“Couldn’t you steal the padlock key?” asked Horace hopefully.
“Mr Hay’s hidden it,” sighed Tickety. “So I’m afraid we’re stuck. We have no car.
We can’t meet the cats’ challenge.”
Horace groaned, slumping to the ground in his despair. “They’ll be unbearable!
They’ll gloat! And there’s nothing worse than a gloating cat.”
Tickety nodded glumly. “I know. But unless you can think of something, we’ll
just have to put up with it.”