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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

“Give you a chance? We’ll give you more than a chance. We’ll give you a
“This time next week,” purred Fang, “we’ll have a race. Two laps of the car park.
We’ll see who’s fastest then!”
A black cat popped up from the footwell.
“We’re the champs and you’re the chumps!” it yelled.
Fang jumped on its head. “Shut up, Pibbles,” he snarled. “Get back down there
and do the clutch.”
The Burlap set off again like a fire-cracker.
“Don’t dawdle, dogs!” yelled Demon, as she waved a disdainful paw at them.
“Daft dogs! Doo-lally dogs! You’re all barking mad!”
At that, the dogs did indeed go mad. With furious woofs, they began to chase the
cats’ car as it revved around the car-park. The Burlap was pursued by a howling,
barking, thundering mob. Pandemonium reigned...
Until, all of a sudden, a brilliant searchlight blazed out.
The dogs stopped in their tracks, dazzled. Horace was blinded. What was going
on? What were those sirens?
“Wahey! It’s the police!” cried Boo. At once, the cats’ car whizzed away behind
the supermarket, out of sight.
But the bewildered dogs stood still for too long. They were trapped. Police cars
hemmed them in. Out of the nearest car leapt a pair of police officers and an elderly
German Shepherd dog.
“Looks like we’ve got the culprits, Sergeant Baines!” the policeman cried.
“We have indeed, Constable!” said the policewoman. “Caught red-handed –
thanks to Justine.” She bent to give the German Shepherd dog a pat.
“Nice work, Justine!” she said. “I would never have believed a dog could drive, if
I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. But now we know it’s true. We’ve caught those
canine car thieves in the act!”