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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Their human owners did not know the truth. Oh, they wondered at the muddy
seats and moaned about the battered bumpers. They grumbled about vandals and
joyriders. Some blamed their own teenagers.
It never occurred to them that dogs could learn to drive.
Not just dogs. Cats got in on the act as well.
But not just any old cats...
Right now, as Horace lay in his lonely dog- house in the dark, he could hear the
throaty purr of sports cars racing up and down, as if panthers were patrolling the
streets. He put his paws over his ears and moaned.
“Drat those cats!”
He knew who was driving: the snooty cats from the car showroom down the road.
Mordle’s Modern Motors had the fastest, sleekest cars in town.
Horace stuck his head under his beanbag, trying to shut out the glorious snarl of
speeding engines. It didn’t work. He whined with jealousy.
“Why do I have to sleep out here?” he whimpered. “Why can’t I be driving too?
It’s so unjust. I learnt to drive first! It’s not fair... Ow!
Something had pulled his tail. Leaping to his feet, Horace whirled round
“It’s only us,” said Tickety, the hamster, in the doorway of the dog-house.
“Well, Horace? Are you coming?” demanded Boo, her brother, hopping
impatiently beside her.
Horace was bewildered. “Coming where?”
“To the Faversaver car park! That’s where it’s all happening!”
“What’s happening?”
“The rally!”
“What rally?”
“Hurry up, Horace!” “Stunt Hamsters for ever!” yelled Tickety and Boo. They
scampered to the fence, dived beneath it and were gone.
“Rally?” said Horace. Hurrying out of the dog-house, he put his front paws on the
fence to peer over it.
Headlights criss-crossed the sky above the Faversaver supermarket. All the
growling engine noises came from that direction.