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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

The snake stretched herself out lazily. There was a big bulge half way down her
stomach. “A nice fat rat. Your little friends are safe for now.”
Horace frowned. “There’s a lot of noise outside,” he said. “What’s going on?”
He pressed the button to open the garage door.
The noise grew louder. It was a car engine – no, not one, but many engines. Cars
were roaring up and down the street outside.
“It’s a bit late at night for that, isn’t it?” said Horace.
A white van rolled past, revving madly. A Landrover mounted the pavement. A
cabriolet rocketed down the road.
Horace looked harder. There was something strange about the drivers…
Paws gripped the steering wheels. Hairy faces panted at the windows. Red tongues
lolled out of mouths. O ver the roaring engines he could hear barks and yelps of glee.
Every single car was being driven by a dog.
Kimi snorted with laughter. “Looks like you’ve started something.”
“Well, who do you think gave them the idea? Soon the town will be full of car-
mad dogs all trying to out-race each other.” She rolled her eyes. “And can you
imagine the chaos that will cause?”
But Horace grinned in happy pride, and punched the air.
“O h, yes!” he barked.
The End
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