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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Carefully he towed Mr Hay’s car through the straw bales and across the dung-
heap; it only hit the corner of the barn with a slight bump. O ne more little dent didn’t
really matter, he decided.
At last Horace reached the end of the farm track. Now that he was on the road, the
towing should get easier.
But it didn’t. Behind him, on the end of its rope, the car wove from side to side,
occasionally bouncing off a wall. Max stuck his head out of the window and barked at
oncoming traffic to warn it to get out of the way.
Cars coming in the other direction had to swerve. Some leapt into the hedge,
beeping their horns. Drivers boggled at the yellow figure perched high on the tractor
as it trundled along with the flailing car behind it.
Horace was very thankful for his disguise. He hoped that everyone would just
think he was Farmer Lott’s wife going on a shopping trip.
When he reached the edge of town, he felt even more conspicuous. Stopping at the
traffic lights, he heard a boy yell:
“Hey! Where’s the fancy-dress party?”
What rudeness, thought Horace. Can’t you see that I’m a lady? He stuck his nose
in the air and pretended that he couldn’t hear.
At least his disguise was fooling the humans. They thought he was a strange-
looking person – it never occurred to them that he could be a dog.
But other dogs were not so easily fooled.
“Look! Look!” woofed a labrador in amazement.
“Wow! Wow!” yapped a fluffy spaniel, until its owner tugged its lead and told it
to be quiet.
“Woo hoo!” barked a big black mastiff; and it began to gallop after them.
It was not the only dog to follow them. By the time Horace reached the end of
Tintern Lane, he had gathered an excited canine crowd.
“Who?” they barked. “Who? Who?”
It was Silverside, the butcher’s dog, who recognised him.
“Horace!” he woofed.
“Hooray for Horace!” squealed Jellybean, the sweetshop dog.
“Top dog!” cried a collie.
“Well done, you hound, sir,” barked an old beagle. Horace glowed with pleasure.