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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

At last he found reverse gear. Gradually, the tractor chugged backwards. And
slowly, clanking and creaking on the end of the rope, up came the dripping car.
Horace towed it proudly back across the fields. Even the sheep seemed to be
cheering him now. “Hurraaah! Hurraaah!”
He dragged the car through the manure heap and finally reached the farmyard.
There he stopped the tractor and jumped down to inspect the damage.
His heart sank. The car was not looking good. There were dents and scratches all
over it.
The bonnet was covered with weed, the boot was covered with mud, and the
bumpers were caked in manure. Inside it, there was a small pond.
When Horace tried to start its engine, nothing happened. Not even a spark of life.
Max shook his head. “You’ll just have to tow it home,” he said.
“What? How can I do that?” wailed Horace.
“Borrow the tractor. You’ve still got plenty of time. Farmer Lott won’t be back for
“But I can’t tow the car through town!” wailed Horace. “I can’t drive the tractor in
broad daylight!”
“Why not? You did a good job just now.”
“But there was nobody to notice me. If people see me driving a tractor through the
town, they’ll go crazy!” Horace howled. “They’ll arrest me! Dogs aren’t allowed to
drive. They’ll put me in prison. Oh, why didn’t I think of this? I don’t know what to