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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

“What is it?”
“I need help!” yapped Horace. “How can I rescue the car? Think! Think! You’ve
got better brains than me.”
“Your car is not my problem.”
“But if I don’t get it back, we’ll never find the desert!”
“Hah! You said we were going to the desert last night. And it was nothing like,”
Kimi said reproachfully. “It was far too wet, and full of sheep and tractors.”
“It was–” Horace stopped. “What? Hang on! Yes! That’s just given me a brilliant
idea. Thank you, thank you!”
“Where are you going?”
Horace did not answer. He had already gone.
However, he did not go home. Instead, he lolloped off down Tintern Lane. As he
passed the car showroom, he saw Mr Mordle washing the mud off the red sports car.
“Dratted joy-riders,” grunted Mr Mordle angrily. Catching sight of Horace, he
threw a wet sponge at him. Horace yelped as it splashed against his leg.
“Get lost, you mangy mongrel!” Next, Mr Mordle hurled a bucketful of water at
Horace, who failed to dodge out of the way in time. He was drenched in soapsuds.
There was the sound of snickering nearby. It was the tabby cat, curled up on a
nearby car, and laughing.
“Oh dear, oh dear!” it mocked. “Who’s a soggy doggy then?”
Horace thought about chasing it. Instead, he decided to ignore it and walk on with
dignity. He was a dog on a mission.
Anyway, those cats would be laughing on the other side of their furry faces once
he got his car back. He would show them!
So he shook himself, sneezed and continued down the road.
He headed out of town, and stopped at the edge of a field to look around.
Which way had he driven last night? It had been so dark that he could not be sure.
He thought this was the winding lane he had come down; but where had he turned off
onto the track?
Horace ran to and fro, hunting for the bumpy track. Everything looked different
by daylight.
So, lifting his nose into the air, he sniffed. A hundred smells were tumbling on the
breeze. Sheep and cows, grass and flowers; tarmac, lorries, cars….His car…