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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Horace could think of only one solution.
He would have to lead Mr Hay to the car. Then Mr Hay could arrange to get it out
of the stream. He would be so pleased. He’d think that Horace had tracked the car
thieves to the farm.
Yes, that would work! It worked for dogs that Horace had seen on TV, anyway.
They were always guiding their masters to a climber dangling by one finger from a
cliff, or a baby about to fall into a crocodile- infested river.
So Horace leapt up and charged into the bathroom where Mr Hay was shaving. He
jumped up on to the toilet seat and whined loudly.
“Go away, you daft dog!” snapped Mr Hay.
“Car, car!” barked Horace. “I’ll take you! Take you!”
“Stop it, Horace.”
Horace turned up his head and howled. “It’s out of tooooown!”
“Be quiet, you hopeless hound! I’m not interested.”
Mr Hay pushed him out and shut the door. Horace ran downstairs and tugged at
Mrs Hay’s sleeve to get her attention.
“Don’t you dare bite holes in my best cardigan!” said Mrs Hay, and she pushed
him outside.
Horace raced over to Josh, who was just setting off to school. He pounced on
Josh’s feet so that he had to stop.
“Car! Farm! Farm! Car!” yelped Horace.
“Not now, Horace. I’m late for school.” Josh pushed him away and hurried off.
None of the dogs on TV had this problem, Horace thought. Why was it so hard to
get the humans to listen?
Maybe he needed a cleverer idea. He trotted into next door’s garden and peered
through the back window.
On a table he could see an enormous glass tank the size of a bathtub. Inside it,
Kimi was draped along a dead branch like a long striped sock.
“Pssst! K imi!” Horace tapped on the window with his nose.
The snake looked up. Then she raised her head and prised the lid off her tank a
fraction. Flowing out through the narrow gap, she sat up on the table.