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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

But the car hadn’t crashed yet.
It was still gathering speed. Bumpety bump bump boing it went, until with a
sudden jolt they were all thrown up into the air.
“Help!” cried Horace as his head hit the ceiling.
“Ow!” cried Horace as his bottom hit the floor.
“Argh!” cried Horace as there was an enormous, echoing CLANG. It sounded as
if the car had been clashed between a pair of giant cymbals.
And then everything stopped.
Horace, stunned, did not move for a moment. He shook himself cautiously, and
peered out.
He couldn’t see anything. The engine was quiet. The headlights had gone out.
On the other hand, there were no engine noises or headlights following them
either. So the cats must have given up the chase.
All he could hear were angry baas, and a dog yapping close by.
And even closer was the sound of running water…
“We’ve landed in a river,” whispered Tickety. “Awesome!”
“Uurgh,” said K imi. She uncoiled herself from Horace’s neck and fell out of the
car door with a splash.
Horace felt weak and shaky. Slowly, he climbed out of his seat and found himself
standing in very cold water that lapped half way up his legs. Moonlight glimmered on
the ripples.
“It’s not a river. It’s only a stream,” said Boo, disappointed. K imi floated to the
surface and drifted there like a limp ribbon.
There was an anxious bark from the shore. “You all right? All right?” A sheepdog
was standing there watching them.
“I think so,” said Horace. “But our car’s not.” He looked dolefully at the water
swirling round the tyres. The driver’s door swung from its hinges. “O h, help! We’ll
never get it out of here!”
“It’s stuck for sure,” agreed the sheepdog, bounding through the stream to join
him. “But it’ll be safe enough for now.”