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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Horace stepped on the gas. The car sprang away like a startled hare. It bounced
down the drive, boing boing boing – and then it stopped. The engine spluttered and
“Bother,” said Horace. “It’s stalled.” A light went on in an upstairs window of the
“Hurry up!” said Boo.
“I’m trying,” said Horace, wiggling the key in the ignition. Meanwhile, a light
went on in a downstairs window.
At last the car coughed into life.
“First gear, Kimi!” cried Horace.
The front door of the house flew open. Mr Hay stood there in his dressing- gown.
“That’s torn it!” squealed Boo. “Flee! Head for the hills!”
“What hills?” said Horace. “We’re driving to the desert!” He was getting hot and
bothered, and the car wouldn’t obey him.
Mr Hay began to run down the drive towards them. The car bucked and bounced
away from him and swerved into the road.
“Go easy with the clutch!” complained the snake.
The gears gnashed and grated like a rhino’s jaws. But the car was moving faster
now. In his mirror, Horace could see Mr Hay waving wildly as he was left behind.
They chugged past the car showroom, where three cats lay lounging on the wall.
As one, the cats sat up and stared.
Then, as one, they leapt to their feet and sprinted to the red Kazlo Burlap.
“They’re getting into it!” squeaked Boo.
Another engine started up: a much throatier, more powerful one than Horace’s. It
roared like a majestic lion. Headlights came on. The sports coupe sprang forward.
“They’re driving it!” cried Tickety. “Well! What copycats!”
“Car chase! Car chase!” yelled Boo excitedly, bouncing up and down on the seat
belt. “Come on, Horace! Give it all you’ve got!”
Horace glanced in the mirror. The white cat, Fang was at the steering wheel. He
could see the tabby’s head just by the gearstick, while the black cat had dived down to
operate the pedals.
“Which way?” he gasped.
“Left! Left!” squealed Boo.
“No, right!” said Tickety.