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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Horace roared into the lead. The crowd cheered him on. Smoke rose from his tyres
as rubber screeched on tarmac…
“Wake up!” screeched Tickety. “Time to hit the road!”
“Hooray for Stunt Hamsters!” yelled Boo. He dived at Horace’s beanbag, did a
back flip and landed on Horace’s nose. “Let’s go!”
Horace shook himself. He felt as if he was still rattling with the Doggie Vitamins
that Joshua had made him swallow last night. He stretched and yawned, then padded
stiffly to the garage door.
With his dream fresh in his mind, he got a shock on seeing the car. Had it always
been so old and rusty? It was a far cry from the mean machine he’d been racing in his
And he was sure that most racing drivers did not have snakes curled up on their
back seats.
Kimi opened one eye as he climbed into the car.
“I was hoping for some peace and quiet,” she said, glowering at the hamsters.
“You’re looking at us THAT WAY again!” shrieked Boo.
“Don’t worry. I’m not hungry yet,” she said. “Like I told you, I won’t eat anything
until Tuesday. It’s only Sunday night. Are we go ing to the desert this time?”
“That’s the idea,” said Horace. Carefully he unfurled the greasy map page that he
had rescued from the bin. Licking a crumb of paté off it, he handed it to Tickety.
“You’d better navigate,” he said. “I’ll be busy driving.”
He started the engine, and pressed the button to make the garage door slide open.
“Stop!” squealed Boo. “Wait! We’re not ready. Seat belt!”
“Quite right,” added Tickety.
The hamsters jammed the seat belt into the glove compartment. Then they jumped
onto it and slid down it like snowboarders.
Tomahawk!” yelled Boo, as they did double front flips onto the dashboard.
“Okay!” panted Tickety. “We’re ready now.”