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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Boots were easy. He fetched one of Joshua’s Wellingtons out of the porch, but
thoughtfully left the other behind in case Joshua needed it.
A helmet wasn’t so easy. Horace poked his nose into Joshua’s bedroom to see if
his old toy policeman’s helmet was lying around; but Mrs Hay was vacuuming in
there. She spent a lot of time vacuuming and muttering about dog hairs.
“Out!” she said when she saw Horace.
So Horace obediently crept away. He went into the other bedroom, the one that
belonged to Mr and Mrs Hay, and nosed open the wardrobe.
There were no helmets in there – but there was a nice hat that would do. It was a
big, floppy, purple one with a lilac flower stuck to it.
Those were the boots and the helmet sorted. Fire-proof overalls were next.
Mr Hay didn’t have any in his wardrobe. After a moment’s thought, Horace
burrowed in the chest of drawers. Pyjamas! They were almost overalls – they were
about the right shape, anyway.
He dragged them downstairs. To make them fire-proof, he soaked them carefully
in his dog bowl. Then he piled the clothes behind the living room curtains, out of
Now it was time to find food and more food. Sneaking into the kitchen, Horace
tugged half a packet of dog biscuits out of the cupboard.
He snaffled a slice of ham and a lump of paté out of the fridge. For emergency
rations, he took his bone. He stowed all the food inside the Wellington boot, where it
fitted nicely.
After hiding everything behind the living room curtains, Horace ran over to tell
Tickety and Boo, who were snoring in their cage.
“I’m ready! I’ve got all the equipment!”
“What about a map?” yawned Tickety. “Rally drivers need maps.”
“Map,” yelped Horace. “Map, map!”
“There’s a road atlas at the bottom of the bookshelf.”
Horace found the big book and tugged it off the shelf. Flopping down on the open
pages, he squinted at the maps.
Maps were not easy to understand. It took Horace a while to realise that all the
little lines were roads.
“How can there be so many? Where do you start from?” he wondered. “And how
do you know which way you’re going?”