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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

None of the Hay family realised what had happened. They had slept right through
If only the y knew! Horace longed to show off his new skill. He would make
Joshua so proud.
He was pretty sure he was the only dog in the street who could drive. But now,
fired up with his success, he wanted to be more than that.
He didn’t just want to be the speediest dog in the street.
He wanted to be the most souped-up dog in town. The fastest in the country. The
first formula one racing hound in the whole world…
Right now, Horace was still in disgrace. However, that would all change when he
was the world’s quickest canine.
All he needed was a little more time; and perhaps some expert guidance.
Tickety and Boo knew all about cars. So, next morning, Horace trotted into the
living room to ask them for advice.
“What’s the best way to become a really good driver?”
“Practice,” said Tickety. “Like we keep practising our stunts. Don’t we, Boo?”
“You bet!” shouted Boo, as he abseiled down the sideboard on a bootlace.
“And the best way to practise is to go for a long drive. Last night’s Manic Motor
Show was all about long-distance rally drivers,” said Tickety. “They take weeks and
weeks to drive across the desert.”
“The desert?” said Horace eagerly. “That’s where K imi wants to go.”
“Well, it looked perfect for practising. It’s all big empty spaces.”
“That sounds just the thing,” said Horace. “What do rally-drivers need to take
with them?”
Tickety thought about it.
“Boots, a helmet and fire-proof overalls.”
“And food,” Boo added. “And more food. And emergency rations.”
“Okey dokey,” said Horace.
“Can we be your crew?”
“Once I’ve got all my equipment,” Horace said; and he set out to gather
everything that Tickety had listed.