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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

Horace barked a frantic warning. “Run! Run!”
The hamsters ran. Leaping from car to car, they slid over wheel-arches, bounced
off bonnets and tumbled across roofs. The cars clanged and banged as the cats
pounced in pursuit, leaping from one car to another with a sound like a giant baby
banging on a set of saucepans.
“O ver here! Here!” barked Horace. He turned the key and started up the engine.
The hamsters raced towards him, two flying balls of fur. As he held the door wide
open, they shot inside the car. Horace slammed the door shut just before three angry
cats splatted into it. Whang! Bang! Clang!
“First gear!” he barked at K imi, and stamped his foot down.
The tyres screeched as the car roared off.
“Great getaway!” said Tickety admiringly.
“Nah nah-nee nah nah,” chanted Boo out of the window at the incredulous cats
staring after them.
Horace had never felt so good as when he saw the amazement on those feline
Their eyes were like saucers. Their mouths fell open. They couldn’t believe a dog
was driving! He chuckled as the car sped away from them.
“Are you all right, Tickety-Boo?”
“O f course we are. That was cool!” cried Tickety. “Can we do it again?”
“Left! Left!” yelled Boo.
“But that’s our house!” said Horace. “Aren’t we going for a drive?”
“We’ve had a drive. We’re just in time to watch The Manic Motor Show!” said
Tickety. As the car rolled into the garage, she and Boo leapt out and raced into the
Kimi slithered out more slowly and lay limply on the garage floor.
“I still don’t feel well,” she complained. “And we never found the desert.”
“We’ll find it next time,” Horace promised with a grin.
He hadn’t managed to drive a hundred miles. But it didn’t matter.
What mattered was the amazement on those cats’ faces. The feel of the road
speeding past beneath his wheels. The roar of the engine as he put his foot down.
He had done it! He wasn’t stupid! He wasn’t hopeless! He could drive!