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A Double Dose of Driving Dogs

“What was that?” Horace lifted his nose from his paws.
A scratch came from behind the kitchen door. There was a thump, and a faint
The n, slowly, the door swung open. Boo was on the other side of it, dangling from
the handle by a string. Letting go, he tumbled into the garage and did a double roll.
“Ta-dah!” he yelled, bouncing to his feet. “Stunt hamsters to the rescue!”
Tickety came in through the open door, dragging the car keys along the ground.
“Right, Horace. Let’s get this show on the road!”
“What show?” asked Horace, bewildered.
“Let’s go for a drive, of course! It’s the perfect time for it. All the humans are
“That is what you wanted, isn’t it?” added Boo. “You did want to drive?”
“O h, yes,” said Horace. “I want to drive away. So far away.” A lump rose in his
throat. O nce he had left home, he would never see Joshua again.
“Well, come on, then!” Tickety and Boo were already scrabbling up the front
tyres of the car. “Open it up!”
Obediently, Horace pawed at the car door. As soon as it opened, the hamsters
dived straight in. Boo sat expectantly on the dashboard while Tickety ran down the
steering wheel to put the key in the ignition.
Horace heaved a deep sigh as he climbed into the driver’s seat. This was the
moment he had waited for – yet now it had finally come, all he could think of was
Joshua’s disappointed face.
“Don’t forget to unlock the garage door, unless you want a two-second drive to
disaster.” The silky voice came from behind him. K imi was coiled on the back seat of
the car.
“Okay. I’m on it!” Tickety pressed the button on the key ring. In front of them, the
garage door began to lift up smoothly and quietly.
“Chocks away!” squealed Boo.
A little nervously, Horace turned the key. Would it work?
His heart thumped as the engine growled into life. It worked! This was it!