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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Red, and when we'd get home, we'd stopped just down the road, under
a thick towering tall pine tree and we'd sit on our haunches, talking and
fiddling with the packet of smokes.
David would take out the cigarette, never more than one, and he
would shakes the pack, to make the rest of the cylinders shifts so the
missing cylinder disappeared.
It looked like nothing was missing.
When he went to drop off the errands, he would pretend to open the
pack for his uncle, crackling the wrapper and making sure to take out
the silver foil, and a cigarette, as a favour, all to cover the crime of a
missing cigarette! It was a clever way for kids to sneak a smoke.
It always worked, every time.
When I saw all this, with doubts in my heart and worries that we'd
be caught and perhaps gets a belting, I was incredulous that it all
worked so well. Then I accepted it. What else can you do?
We then drifts down the street, hunkers down and smoked that
single cigarette. David lights up, drew in the smoke, held it in his
mouth, and without inhaling it blew it out.
I wanted to try it, I reached out, but my little brother took it, and
mimics David's method.
It's a method that I come to realised was called, "Bumsuck",
whatever that means. I had misunderstood "bumsuck" to mean
"bumstuck", meaning I imagined it to be not inhaling the smoke. But
that's the way it sounded in my head.
"You're doing it wrong," I says, reaching out to take the cigarette.
"Look, this is how they do it."
I took the cigarette in my mouth, like I visualised how it would
work. I inhaled the smoke carefully, slowly, gently inhaling it down my
throat, testing how it feels, and keeping going, into my lungs.
Within seconds I felt a buzzing high, and felt the buzzing in my head
spreads from inside my head out into my eyes and face and I felt
strange, the buzzing spreads into my skin, into my body, and it felt
I took another drag, and I sat there on my haunches, feeling the rush,
the buzz.
I took another, but already, the buzz's fading, and thereafter the buzz
never came back, not for a long time. (I found out later, experimentally,