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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

For me, smoking is also associated with coffee, the staleness, the
smell, cloying and thick, like a pall of noxious gas that lays over
everything, in the house, in our clothes, even in our food, it seemed
like. The only fresh air to get was to open the window or go outside.
Looking back in hindsight I have to wonder how we managed to
survive all those years living in less than optimal oxygen-poor life. It's
a wonder I did not develop asthma or worse. I'm even amazed that our
bodies are tough, adapting to less than optimal conditions. But sadly,
there's always a time when too much is too much. The limit will be
reached, and then it's there, but no further. This far, but no further.
I absolutely hate coffee, the stink of it, no thanks. For me, smoking
and coffee go together, like a twin of sick.
By the time I'm in high school I knew how smoking felt like.
My first encounter with a packet of cigarettes belongs to a friend of
ours. He would periodically go on errands, to get a packet of cigarettes
for his Uncle.
1) - David and Wendi; Winfield Red; How to Smoke.
I knew, instinctively, how it works.
Years of observing my parents smoke stamps itself indelibly into my
To my eternal regret and shame I taught my little brother and friends
how to smoke the right way.
First, David did stuff to sneak a cigarette out of the Winfield Red
pack without leaving a sign that any cigarette was missing.
He would go on errands to buy the smokes for his parents, most
particularly his Uncle Max who's a retired fellow who's loud and farts a
lot, laughing loudly, and drinks glass stubbies of beers that you can
smell ten feet away. As Uncle Max was missing a leg, he favours
sitting in his chair yelling out his stories or whatever crap that I don't
know what it was about. Well, he'd recruits David to do his errands and
David, of course, would profits by it, Uncle Max would give him gifts,
favours for doing errands for him.
When I was there, with David and his sister, Wendi and my little
brother, a regular gang of four kids, I'd walks with them to the shops
and get lollies and such, and he'd buy the cigarette packet, Winfield