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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

five to ten times a day, sometimes more, for each of them.
I got used to smelling these, the smokes and the coffee, growing up,
a part of life.
What I did not expect is that when I grew up I would copy them.
If I had known before what I know now, I would have figured out a
way to avoid getting involved in any episodes of smoking, but there
was no way around this.
I just did not know.
Perhaps, if my parents had let us smoked a packet of cigarettes, to
teach us that the stuff is horrible, as worse than anything we could think
of, perhaps it would have worked to make us hates smoking.
A friend told me his parent caught him having a puff, so they gave
him the ultimatum: smoke a packet of smokes, and so that is what he
But he hated it.
Smoking it one after the other, he grew sick and he never touched a
cigarette ever again.
Now that's a mean achievement, for he is now 55 years old, and still
healthy as ever. He was only a kid of ten therebouts when he was
forced to smoke, so that's a great method to teach us kids how smoking
is a horrible way to become a slave to the sticks.
But my parents never thought it would work for me, and my little
brother. So I was left with the impression that we all, when we all grow
up, will ends up with sticks in our mouth, smoking like stinky
I did not know that choices comes into play. That we have choices.
That it is up to all of us to choose, to smoke or not to smoke. It is that
I wish at times my parents explains this better.
The choices is up to us. To live a life of stinky smoke or to live a life
of fresh pure air.
We have freedom of choice. All of us. No exceptions.
As a child I did not understand all these concepts, instead as a child I
played, as all children do, in the garden.
I played with Match toy cars, in the driveway of my old place a long
time ago. Chevy, Plymouth, and the like. I would build roads in the dirt
track of the driveway, lined with three long lines of grasses that grew