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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Chapter One
History - My Life as a Smoker
As a kid, (perhaps it's the same or similar to a lot of people), I was
aware that mum and dad does a funny thing.
They would take out a small cylindrical object, with a yellowish-
orangish tip on the end. They would put that yellowish-orangish tip in
their mouths. They would bring out a lighter, and lights the long white
end of the cylindrical object. The end would glow red.
I would see their faces relaxes as they draws in some sort of smoky
air that goes through in the glowing ends. I would see them inhales
deeply. They would look like they're holding the smoke in their mouth,
and then they would exhale, blowing the smoke out.
I would noticed the difference between the colour of the smoke
curling up from the end of the cigarette and the smoke that comes out
of their mouths. Both are differently coloured. The one from the
cigarettes would be more white, sort of bluish, and the colour of the
smoke that issues out of their mouths would be greyish, almost black...
it's like all the good stuff stayed inside and the bad stuff comes out.
I realised years later, it was all bad stuff, not good stuff.
The only good stuff was the nicotine and that's the bad stuff.
It's a slave device, it never let you go.
I'd see mum and dad sighs contentedly, relaxing and looking almost
doped up, which they really were.
I thought this was normal. Though now and then it puzzled me over
the years. Sometimes I wished they don't do that stuff. It would be nice
if they don't do that stuff.
I grew up thinking it was normal.
It's all I ever see, mum and dad smoking that stuff, and associated
with the smoking habit is the habit of coffee, drinking cups of coffee,