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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Wednesday, 12th December, 2012.
Ever since I quit smoking I was just so happy to not smoke
constantly all day long, just breathing fresh air and not be mindful of
the need to smoke. It's a relief, not even to THINK about smoking at
all, much less organising where to get the smokes, where to get the
matches or lighter, where to get the ashtray to drop ashes and on it
goes. The entire paraphernalia of smoking takes up so much time, it
literally wastes time, it all adds up to hundreds of hours per year spent
just around the lifestyle of smoking. I wondered if anyone had noticed?
I think they do, but putting together and then counting the minutes per
each smoke, adding it all up per day, per week, per month, per year, per
decade even, it all adds up. For me, the cost is enormous, and I'm glad I
still don't smoke by now, five years or so after I quit back in August
I had been through stresses that would have sent me back to
smoking then, smoking endlessly in an effort to calm down, to calm my
racing nerves, I mean, what was stressful back then was even MORE
stressful today, and yet, I went through stresses and I likes it, it makes
I learned that smoking makes you bottles up emotions and the like,
and it does no good. Best to releases ALL emotions, and not be saddled
with bottled emotions, instead, just let it go, breathe pure fresh air and
breathe out stale air AND bottled emotions so they don't stay inside,
you let them go and you're free of their chains, the ball-and-chain
aspect of it.
Same way you hold onto thoughts, feelings, emotions, like smoking,
they holds you down, so you feel imprisoned, and smoking makes you
feels like you're free, but it's an illusion. So you quit smoking and
learns how to handle stress by going THROUGH emotions as they
happens and then letting them go, SHEDDING the emotions, so they
don't clutter up your minds and body.