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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

List of Stuff
Well, here's some stuff you needs, just a reminder. List of what
works for me. Not much, but something. 'Course, you can fix up your
own list, no biggie, no worries!
Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. This is the best book to
understand why you even started smoking in the first place. It helps me,
Tools to Help Quit Smoking with Mental Strength:
Nicotine Patches: NicaBates
Alkaline Water, or purified water if you prefer.
Scene Memory of Fresh Air, Sunshine, etc to motivate you, so
builds the memory that will sustains you when all else are bleak and
grey. Having the right type of imaginary scene in the mind, dispels the
greyness of the smoking life. The Scene Memory, blue sky full of
oxygen, clean ozone that are so crisp, and all plants, of all greens that
just glows brilliantly. You can create anything you like. No worries.
Breathing Exercises:
Endogenous Breathing: Medicine in the Third Millennium, by
Vladimir F. Frolov.
Frolov's Respiration Training Device.