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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

It took me a while, but I did it. And if I can do it, you can do it too.
It's not that hard. It is real easy.
Incredibly easy, I still do not know if anyone had thought of it. No
doubt they will, when they put it together like I did, by accident.
I just saw it in my mind, the picture of how it will be, how it will be
through the days, the weeks, the months, gradually weaning myself off
the damn weed for ever.
It was like the evolution, or, rather, more like a devolution, how I'll
quit smoking and retrains myself to not need the damn things any more,
and just be happier and letting go of the imaginary crutches that I
thought was normal for most of my life since I came under the spell of
smoking and thinking it was cool to smoke.
It's fantastic! It's incredible! It's the best thing I ever did, to finally
let go of the crutches and be free, to walk on my own, to free myself
from the slavery of the smoking beast.
All it is, is that it's real easy to do it. Just like that! Believe and it
shall be done. That's simple.
All you need to know is that you need determination, the will to get
through hell and the strength that will sustains you through it all. The
goal is simply one thing; to be FREE of the smoking habit. That is all
that is required of you. So, go the distance! Quit Smoking with Mental
Alexander Skobeleff,
4 September 2011 - 3:11 AM