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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

stick to my health regime and not let anyone deviates me from my path.
Step by Step
All you need is the nicotine patches, the memory of the fresh air
when you was a kid, or you can make one up, and the determination to
stick it out, for as long as it takes, to be free of the habit of the need to
touch the cigarettes. It's like the baby bottle of milk, you don't need it
any more, you can be free. Time to be free!
Go For It! Go the Distance!
Challenge yourself to be free!
Go for it! Go the distance!
You can do it! It's so easy!
After all, who will help you? No one will. Only YOU can!
It's easy. Make up your mind, decide that henceforth, you will no
longer be a prisoner to the nicotine slavery, or even the smoking
In fact, you'll be totally free of the whole smoking problem so that
is motivation enough that makes you go for it!
You'll go the distance! And you will be surprised that you'll make it.
Oh yes, you will!
The amazing thing is, you will be happy and glad and totally grateful
to YOURSELF for letting you try this method and go the distance to be
free of the smoking habit, forever!
You Can Do It!
Just Remember, it's not hard, it's real EASY!
Just why is it easy? Why, I'm living proof that I did it, no fancy
methods, no fancy pills, no fancy hocus-pocus by hypnotists, or drugs,
or funny self-help books by so many people.
All I wanted was a simple step-by-step plan that I can follow, a way
to get through the horror of the cravings, the horror of the need for the
blast cigarettes that just won't leave me the hell alone.
(sighs)... it just took longer for me to see these pieces and put it all
together and longer to get up my courage to try it, to take that first step.