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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Chapter Six
Retraining Your Mind to
Live without Smoking
Breathing Exercises
I figure this is important, to refresh your lungs and help it heal some.
It is four years since I quit smoking and month by month I went
through changes. I breathe deeper, and my taste also changed. I taste
more flavours in foods than I ever did in a long time. Month by month,
my body detoxifies and gradually my taste regains their ability to taste
subtle flavours in foods, and as well as that, my nose changed, I smell
more scents than I ever did in a long time.
At first it was scary, but over time, as I stuck to my decision to not
smoke, I gradually got used to breathing all kinds of scents, from nice
to worse. I am much happier too.
Going for walks, breathing deep, it was magic, to walk better,
longer, and slowly, becoming stronger. I was able to walk up hill and
not sweat so much, nor pants too much. I breathe better and better the
longer I breathes fresh air deep into my lungs.
The thing to understand is that you needs to understand yourself,
why you smoke and why you just could not break the millstone of
smoking from around your neck no matter how much you wants so
much. I would recommended one book that would help you understand
you: Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
This book is helpful for you, it helps you to understand WHY you
smoke, what makes you reach out for the cigarettes in the first place.
It was helpful for me to understand this. This was before I use the
NicoBloc, and when Nicobloc didn't work, well, I waited for awhile to