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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

You wakes up, put it on, focus on the memory of clean fresh air and
stay that way all day, all night, until the next mini-patch the next day,
and do it until all the mini-patches are gone, or until YOU decided you
don't need the mini-patches any-more. Because by then you've found
what I found out, the freedom from the need to smoke. It is that simple.
I realise, when looking at the big nicotine patch, why it would be
difficult for anyone to quit using these huge patch that was just too
much. I do not know if anyone has successfully quit using the big ones,
but I wondered if anyone have tried and successfully quit using my
idea, cutting the patches in half, so as to get lesser dose of nicotine. In
effect, slowing the dose down as much as you liked. I thought half is
better than the full big patch, having seen the effects of seeing my
father's dozing from simply putting on a big patch and wasting the day.
This has stayed in my mind for a long time, 1997, it was, until 2007
when I realised the clues and put it all together. Ten years then.
Days You'll Get Through
First Day – after you put on the mini-patch, you'll be struggling to
stay still, lying on your bed, trying to dream up the images of that fresh
air scene in order to breathe that memory into your very physical being.
Drink your fresh water now and then, when you're thirsty.
Don't do anything that makes you reach for a cigarette.
Just lie there and go with the flow.
Let the body detoxes the nicotine out of you, and most of all, let it
detox the habits of smoking out of you. It will work.
Have patience, go through the process.
Remember, it will work, as long as you work at it.
Second day – put on the second half-patch, the mini-patch you cut
in halves from the big patch.
Do the focus, every thought of your being on breathing pure air and
your mind's eye focused on the fresh air scene memory that you created
or brought back from your past.
Stay there in bed or walk around but always, always, always, keep
focus, keep concentrating on that fresh air scene, nothing else.
What matters is to reach the goal of being free, then you can deal
with the world's stress with aplomb, relaxed and cool, and without any