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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Chapter Five
To quit smoking with mental strength, you need to prepare yourself,
and perhaps, your loved ones, for your eventual freedom. It would be
great if you had support. But you can just do it without any support,
other than your own, that can be done without any problems anyway, if
you so desire.
Now, to business:
A Memory of Pure Fresh Air
You'll need to manufacture a memory, of a pleasant time where you
have never smoked. All you remember is a pleasant place, with
extraordinary fresh air and beautiful skies, lovely clouds, green plants
pumping out pure clean oxygen that you can breathe for free.
Place and Time
You'll need to set a time and place, preferably your bed, so you'll lie
there and stay in the memory, while your body detoxifies from the
effects of stopping smoking.
Nicotine Patches
You'll need the nicotine patches. I had used only THREE patches.
So you'll just get a packet of patches. I used the NicaBates brand.
Bottle of Water
A handy bottle of water for when you needed to drink, only when
you're very thirsty. Put it next to your bed.
Now, in shorts or pants, T-shirts, being comfortable, sits on the bed.
Cut the NicaBates patches in half, cut two or three big patches into
halves, okay, so you got, like, six mini-patches.
Use one half-patch per day, that's all you need.