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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Chapter Four
From the moment I stopped smoking, it was an amazing journey,
from a thick haze to the clear-headed new life. It is liberating, to be
free of the tobacco and the papers and the lighter. I even smiles when
people asks me for a lighter, or even a cigarette. It's been a long time
since anyone even asks me for one. I would say, "No, sorry, I don't
smoke." They'd look at me and then moved on. Not once did they ask,
"Did you smoke before?" But that's okay. I don't mind that. I like it, I
don't need smokers asking me for a smoke. Or a lighter. I found
freedom at last! No more smoking from now on.
I loved exercising my lungs, it is sheer pleasure to breathe in pure
fresh air full of pure oxygen, clean and fresh from the sky. Once in a
while I would walk the streets and sometimes the wind would brings in
a current of clean air that was just so tasty, I would have thought it was
pure oxygen full of electricity, that's how it tasted to me. It was
headying, feeling the power of clean air pumping into my lungs and
thence into my blood, to course around my body, healing, cleaning,
enriching and invigorating me. I have never felt so good for a long
I want to exercise my lungs for the rest of my life, to give my life a
better quality of life. I had to do all this. No one will do it for me. No
one will help me. I had to find the right answers to my problems, that I
had to ask myself questions to find the solutions.
Now, you, too, can finally be FREE of smoking, forever. Never to
fall back into the bad habits. You'll be able to reprogram your mind
easily, and forever, and you'll just wrinkle your nose when you smell
other people smokes, or even the stale smoke hanging around them like
a pall.