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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

miasma cloud of bad air, and I would encounters the smell and knew
there's a smoker nearby and try to see where he is and try to get around
the bloke so as not to stay in the bad air too long.
I like my fresh air a whole lot more than bad air now. I loves
breathing pure fresh air deeply into my lungs. I loves the way my lungs
expands so as to get as much fresh air into the lungs deeply and feeling
totally alive in so many ways. I absolutely loves it. The fresh air, it's like
nectar given by God, invigorating and reviving me all the time. I would
urge you in all seriousness to quit, just like that, quit smoking, and not
smoke one more cigarette and waste not one cent on the cigarette that
was of no use in one iota.
If smoking was so safe, how was it that those people who works in
the tobacco companies do not even smoke? I have not seen any of them
smoke, or know of one. Why don't they come out and show us that they
do smoke for real? But they do not. They pretends, they hides their true
nature and they push people to smoke saying how “cool” it is, when it's
not. So many people have died from smoking-related diseases. I know,
some of my relatives have died, and many still will in future if they
keeps on smoking. There's just no way to get around the problem.
Smoking is a curse, a millstone around our necks, if only we can be free
by cutting the chains and being truly free.
For me, the truth is so simple. Smoking is a crappy lifestyle. To not
smoke is a far better lifestyle that I have found, saving me money, and
time from smoking. I mean, it took time to smoke, it literally wastes
your time, while you're trying to “relax”, and so there it is. It would be
far better to quit smoking and free up time for other things to do that is
more valuable, that have more value, than the smoking itself.
I recall, smoking makes you unable to taste real flavours in foods, so
you resorts to junk foods, and sometimes, it just crept up on you
unawares. So when you quit smoking, the junk foods tastes too loud, so
you goes back to normal foods and they tastes better and you can taste
the subtle flavours more than you ever had before.
So do it, quit smoking, with mental strength. It's easy, I guarantee it!