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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

Chapter Three
I uses the patches, I marked it on the calendar, and then I held myself
to my memories, breathing deeply, in and out, hour after hour, and day
after day.
I became free in a week, and in two weeks I was able to trust myself
to not reach out for the tobacco and in a month's time I was able to be
worry-free for all time.
The amazing thing is that I needed one more ingredient, that of
trusting my inner child and giving him the permission to let go of the
need to smoke. Sure, at times, I had to, in my imagination, kept a tight
hold on my inner child, or inner self, or you can say, I'm holding myself,
keeping myself reined in, and being watchful over myself, and that
worked a treat.
All you need is to trust yourself, put together all the things you needs
that will help you and bam! You got it made! If guarantee is anything to
go by, it worked for me, so it should work for you, if you would only
just make up your mind and really go for it. Go the distance, that's all
that matters and you'll make it, just by going through the process,
experiencing it and coping with it and living with it, no matter how bad
or good it gets, it will pass quickly, for how quickly it does goes by!
It's so simple. I find it amazing, even now, four years on and a month
later, shaking my head over how easy it is. Even now, I smelled the
smokers out there, the thick haze of their stale smoke emanating off their
clothes like staleness, a pall of staleness that's like a cloud around a
person. It makes me breathe uncomfortably, makes my throat closes up a
bit, and I strained to filter the air, fresh air in, bad air out.
Every time I go out in public I forget that there are smokers out there,
smoking away like chimneys, the stale smell emanating from them like a