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A Deaf Guide to Quit Smoking with Mental Strength

didn't work, for trying to cut down just makes it harder than before. It
would have been easier just to go cold turkey, but I stuck it out. I
bought more NicoBloc when I ran out, and ultimately I bought six
NicoBloc and it had not worked. There was one bonus, though. Each
time I buy the NicoBloc, there's a paper for free urine testing device to
check how much nicotine levels you have. So I tested two and saw I
was still full of nicotine. I determined to save the rest of the tests for
later when I can be sure I've quit for good. But when? That is the
question that plays itself on my mind for a long time.
Until I recall my father's adventure with quitting smoke with a
nicotine patch that was so strong he was dozing, even though the patch
on his arm was hurting his arm like hell. I wondered, though, about an
idea, of using that patch and seeing what it really feels like, and then
modifying the patch to reduced the pain and perhaps, to a lower levels
of nicotine, and that way, replace smoking with that half-patch. So I
tested that idea, and it worked like a charm.
The next thing I needed was to focus on something unrelated to
smoking in my life. I hardly have much memories of non-smoking
scenes, all I have is bits and pieces, but there's a few scenes in my
childhood that was perfect, and I brought that memory or series of
memories back to the present day.
I prepared my tools, and I got ready. It had to be at the right time, for
when no one will be needing me, demanding my time, for this or that. I
needed to be alone, to battle out the urge, the fever, the struggle to hold
to my dream of being free of the smoking man.